Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Delving into Prague and all its Mysteries

Today is Becky's first day for finding out why we all love Prague so very much. Our Marriott is within easy walking to the Old Town and we plan to have a grand time exploring.

About 9 am a stroll to the nearby market square in search of the hop-on/hop-off bus kiosk.  The vendors were already busy:  we bot pastries and handmade tater chips.  At the kiosk we got our ticket cards plus suggestions for a nearby coffee place:  the elegant, Municipal Building Coffee Cafe.  Found a table in the shade that looked out at the square and had a cappuccino each and shared an "old bohemian omelet' -- 3 eggs, plus bacon and potatoes.

People watching is fun no matter the locale.  Prague People Watching (PPW) is especially interesting.  There was the loud, intrusive Chinese tour guide in front of the coffee shop; there were the 'dressed up' couples and families carrying flowers and definitely going to some special occasion; there were the dogs, both big and small, strutting their stuff at the end of the leash; the smartly dressed and those with that 'just got out of bed' look.

Hop on!  Crowded mini van with tiny transmitters on the seat back in front of you.  Plug in the buds and choose the channel for your language.  "On the left side…."  "On the right side…."  We started at stop #2.  Had to decide to exit by #14 after a quick ride around the famous Prague Castle.  At least 75% of the streets are cobbled. 

Such a bumpy ride our brains were unable to process -- nothing at all seemed to make sense when we exited at the Old Town Square.  

Barely missed the noon ringing of the astronomical clock so we did a circle around the square, ducking into a church when we heard some chamber music.  

Then back to Cafe Mozart and a table right across from the Clock in time for the 1 pm ringing and display.  Beer and cappuccino.

We couldn't bear the idea of returning to the rattly bumpy mini van so plotted a route across the King Charles Bridge to "small town."  Lots of great artisans on the bridge; a "bridge band"; tour groups; lots of people.  Dirty black statues line the bridge -- very much in need of a deep cleaning.  River Vlatava is popular for small craft and larger tour cruises of the daily lunch or dinner type. The swans also have a home there.

Found the Infant of Prague -- small revered statue of Jesus, with the reputation of having saved many during one of the plagues.  This was a quiet few moments before we set our sights on a late lunch and a return to the Marriott.

Stopped in at least 6 cafes looking for sausages -- we didn't want pizza or burgers or McDonald's; we wanted the 'real' thing.  Found it and sat outside enjoying two kinds of sausage, incredible fresh horse radish mixed with two different kinds of mustard, and sweet 'sour' kraut.  Beer, of course.

Here's what we ate and the name of the lovely beer.

Wandered 'home' and Beth found a deli so we got cheese, olives, and a sausage to add to our pastries and paté for an in-room dinner.

Got lost, got found, got home, got showers, got ice (finally), got vodka.

Happy gals.

Pinch me, please…..

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