Sunday, June 26, 2016

We are on our own in Budapest

A Fond Farewell to all those departing today!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Good bye new friends, we are on our own for the next week as we finish off Budapest today, have dinner with friends tonight, get packed and prepare for a delightful train ride tomorrow. 

My friend, Janice Brevik posted this fabulous Washington sunset to make us feel homesick, however all it did was encourage us to enjoy every moment we have here in Eastern Europe.

This morning was a true sleep in! Finally at 7:30am I threw open the shades and began the coffee. We have played with the blog working toward perfection. We met with the concierge and reviewed our trip on the train. He has arranged to have a bellman go with us to the train and get our things loaded on the train. Blessings for a 5 Star hotel.

We then headed out to do our walking down Vaci Pedestrian Walking Street and Becky stared screaming.  There in font of us was BUDDHA BAR AND HOTEL. We immediately went in and introduced ourselves and got a grand tour of the place. And as we expected it was exactly what was promised; a giant Golden Buddha, Red walls, elaborate fringed chandeliers and very upscale bathrooms!!! We continued our walk and returned to Buddha Bar for lunch. The Asian Infusion lunch was Bento Box with bites...excellent!!!!!

Following our lunch we continued our walk down Kiraly Street crossing over near the Opera House and walking back via Andrassy Street to the Ritz Carlton. Just under our 10,000 steps for the day.

Our dinner tonight was at a great restaurant; Aszu Etterem (on Sas utca 4) just across Elizabeth Park from the Ritz Carlton (park named, of course, for the famous Elizabeth Willis!!!). Judy and Jeff Fosbrook made the reservations and we were pleased to join them. Beautiful ambiance, great food, and delightful company. A short walk back across the park and we achieved the 10,000+ steps we targeted for today. The park was full of folks watching the COPA games and football/soccer games on large screen TV’s.