Wednesday, June 1, 2016

International Bling

Seems that during every trip -- either with Beth or with late husband Ernie -- I am drawn to jewelry, especially earrings.  

Begin in the center with gold hoops from Venice.
Then to the right and clockwise we find
Rose quartz from Tromso Norway
Silver (2 pair) from Mexico
Amber/silver from Klaidpeda, Lithuania
2 pair from Alaska (Anchorage and Sitka)

Small pearl/sterling posts from Reykjavik, Iceland

And Beth has been her usual generous self, supplying me with a couple of new bags, the smaller of which will hold my travel jewelry (tho maybe not the ones shown -- wouldn't wanna lose them.)

Just 12 days from departure I am imagining the bling treasure that will appear on this Black Sea journey.  Hmmmm?