Monday, May 23, 2016

Grateful for Beth

Beth is my travel partner.  It's not easy to be anyone's travel partner.  Beth has it all figured out.

I couldn't do any of our trips without her.

  • She finds the choices of trips: cruise, land, combo, just us 2 or with other friends.
  • She does alllll the research on each choice:  price, location, type of ship, where our room should be, where we will stop, what we will see, and more
  • She does all the research about each stop along the way:  choices, walk vs ride, our own adventure or join the offered excursion, history, landmarks, places we should not miss, and more.
  • She does all of the reminding:  update your profile Becky; get your TSA traveler number; create an online account with tour people; update the blog; and more.
  • She makes me keep track of the money we spend.  I always spend more and she never spends anything extra. 
  • She finds exciting old book treasures in her father's study.

No one else will likely read this post, but I wanted to publicly thank her for being a special travel partner.  I will add to the list of her special talents as we travel along.