Monday, May 23, 2016

Grateful for Beth

Beth is my travel partner.  It's not easy to be anyone's travel partner.  Beth has it all figured out.

I couldn't do any of our trips without her.

  • She finds the choices of trips: cruise, land, combo, just us 2 or with other friends.
  • She does alllll the research on each choice:  price, location, type of ship, where our room should be, where we will stop, what we will see, and more
  • She does all the research about each stop along the way:  choices, walk vs ride, our own adventure or join the offered excursion, history, landmarks, places we should not miss, and more.
  • She does all of the reminding:  update your profile Becky; get your TSA traveler number; create an online account with tour people; update the blog; and more.
  • She makes me keep track of the money we spend.  I always spend more and she never spends anything extra. 
  • She finds exciting old book treasures in her father's study.

No one else will likely read this post, but I wanted to publicly thank her for being a special travel partner.  I will add to the list of her special talents as we travel along.

1 comment:

  1. well my dear, I got the comment on the Vikings, and moved over to the black sea to see if anything needed fixing before we depart…there was you thoughtful love note. You crazy girl….I cannot write you one or it would look odd and deter from you lovely acknowledgment. Just remember I love you and love the note.