Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Deeper into Prague .... Now the Prague Palace!!!

Prague Palace

We had the joy of breakfasting at the Buddha Bar Hotel this morning. They were so welcoming....and this marks the second Buddha Bar, the other at Budapest.

From the Buddha Bar to the Prague opposite to another!
Beautiful morning and we beat the madding crowds to the Palace.  Also we beat the crowds to the hop on/hop off and so greatly enjoyed the ride and the narration.  We had just enough time remaining on the 24-hour ride card to get us to the Prague Palace.

St Vitas Cathedral on Palace grounds

St Wenceslas Chapel

Good King Wenceslas on his horse.  Wenceslas Square from bus tour.

 We had full opportunity to visit St Vitus's Cathedral, the Old Royal Palace
Basilica of St George, the Golden Lane and the marvelous Lobkowicz Palace where we had a marvelous luncheon.


Today was a splendid day -- we walked on new cobbles and retraced steps over stones we'd trod yesterday.  We enjoyed a quiet breakfast and a less quiet afternoon coffee at the Irish Times bar.  At the suggestion of several friends we sought out the Lobkowicz Palace and lunched there on a shaded terrace.  We walked well over our daily goal of 10,000 steps, including 150+ steps down from the palace hill to the 'real people live here' places. We are learning our way but are still getting lost every day as we try and find our way back to the Marriott.

The views from the Palace were outstanding....

Tonight we will hear a Mozart and Dvorak concert and return to the Marriott for our private buffet en suite:  cheese, sausage, paté, and a pastry from the market.  

In between we watch the Brexit events.  We will always remember being on this trip during the days approaching and following the historic vote.

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