Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Good Bye Budapest and Hellooooo Prague

Planes, Boats, And Trains

This morning we were up and packed and ready to head to the train station. Our Ritz Carlton Bell Captain went to the train station and to assist with the heavier luggage. He also located the Business Lounge for us to wait until the train arrived, gave us history of the hotel and history of the station. AND Behold, we go into the Lounge and the “DCPF” Grumpy and her assistant tried to throw us out!!! “Grumble, growl, grumble”. Our “assistor”  straightened her out and we settled peacefully in the Lounge.

Becky wrote on the Ritz Carlton Budapest web site praising our “assistor”!

We are finally settled in our reserved First Class seats (thank God for small favors) departing 9:48am. We will be riding backwards for 7 hours (4pm ish arrival)! 

First border crossing: Slovakia 11:15 am
Second border crossing: Austria 12:45pm
Third border crossing: Czech Republic 1:15pm

We are getting closer and closer to Prague with Brno next. Arrived in Prague about 4:15 and were in the Marriott Old Town and in the bar by 5:15 with an "Extravaganza" drink special to Prague. Straight to our rooms and room service! 

Ah Happiness!!!!

Then the pouring rain came pounding down lasting about 15 minutes drenching all the people outside. We watched, smiled and settled in to watch Iceland celebrate their win over England...I am sure 50% of Iceland population is now in France!

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