Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hungary in Hungary? Or Is It the Wine?

Closing in on the End of This Adventure

Here it is June 24, another 90+ degree day and we have arrived in Hungary which will be our last country on the Danube River Cruise. We were disappointed in never seeing the Blue Danube nor the Green Danube. However, what we did have was a marvelous ride up the Danube, loving every moment of the trip. AND we cannot wait for the next part of our trip, on land!!!!

We have a very busy day today and a long river ride again overnight heading toward Budapest where we will spend a few days. We have arrived in Mohacs, Hungary as our port. We will be busing up to Pecs, Hungary where we will begin our tour.

This is the first country where we have had face to face Customs and Immigration issues. Each person had to present our passports, get them stamped and then our ship had to be moved to another location for disembarking and on to our day...thus a large delay. This cut our visit to Pecs down to a quick walk through the lovely little town, watched a graduation, visited the church, walked through the town and headed off to the winery.

The Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul in Pecs

 The grill of locks making commitment by lovers for lasting romance.

At the Polgar Winery

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