Thursday, June 23, 2016

Crumb Cakes in Croatia

Sailing all night to exit Serbia heading for Croatia...for the rest of the story!

 Vukovar, Croatia forms Croatia's eastern border with Serbia. During the Yugoslav wars in the early 1990s, heavy fighting in the surrounding region resulted in the deaths of thousands and widespread destruction. Vukovar remains an extremely devastated place. As we walked we did not see so much destruction as we expected and certainly not what we saw in Belgrade. It appears that they have been rebuilding rapidly. The economy is is poor with 19% unemployment.

We had a short walk through the town of Vukovar.

This building houses the organization responsible for warning Vukovar
when the Danube will be overflowing its banks.
Last time the river rose, this building was under water.
Irony to the max.

After the walk, a ride to a small village with our guide telling us his story of the "Homeland Way" of the 90's. We walked to a small home and were entertained with cakes, not exactly the cream cakes but delicious chocolate cake and lemon cakes. We had our first try of the famous plum brandy that seems so popular in the region.

Beth and Becky had a brief moment as Rulers of the Ship -- visiting the bridge. 
Met Captain and 1st Officer

It's good luck to have a stork nest on your home.

With the Strawberry Moon shining, Some big event during the night.  Bumpy ride.  Flashing lights.  Other boats and barges near by.  Still no info about that.  Hope to update later.  Stay tuned.

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