Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tomorrow is now Yesterday

Amsterdam and Bucharest

We've been thru umpteen time zones. We've travelled 24 hours from Becky's door to hotel in Bucharest. We had a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam where it poured rain the whole time. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pouring rain in Amsterdam, making us feel welcome and at home. Little did we know that our luggage was sitting out in the rain for the 5 hour lay over. When we opened our suitcases, everything a damp or sopping wet!

Bucharest, Romania

The shuttle from airport to the Marriott hotel in Bucharest was at least 1 hour due to traffic.

 We can hardly wait to go to sleep. We have not seen any of the refugees. Today is 14 June and we're pretending to be awake during the early evening in the JW Marriott overlooking the Parliament Building. We could not go to sleep until we opened our luggage and distributed our wet clothing over the room to begin drying. Out our window, Across from the Marriott, the Palace Parliament where we will have dinner on Thursday June 16. 

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