Thursday, June 9, 2016

Magic Maria

Changes, Changes, Changes, Saved by Maria the Magician

Each time we decide on a new adventure we work with Maria Nelson at AAA Tacoma.

Each time, Maria finds great deals and keeps us insured, reassured, answers questions and negotiates with providers.

Maria's precious one

Maria and her precious two

On June 8, Maria learned that Air France was going on strike on the very days we were scheduled as passengers on their flight from Paris to Romania.  Ugh!

Magic Maria had already begun her abracadabra thang by the time we arrived for our pre-departure meeting with her.

Yup, all fixed.  New flights on KLM.  No more Paris (Charles DeGaulle airport) layover.  Nice long layover in Amsterdam (Schiphol) which has wonderful shopping and miles and miles of indoor walking from here to there.

If you're really curious you can explore Schiphol here

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