Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fort BADA VIDA in Vidin

All Night Long, All Night Long.......

Again, to sleep with the large sliding glass doors wide open all night and to hear the river gently passing is so calming. We sleep so soundly and comfortably. 

Today June 20, 2014 we continue up river toward Vidin, Bulgaria where we will arrive mid day.

Oh to see the medieval Fort Baba Vida and to enjoy the riverside town of Vidin is splendid.

Later in the afternoon, the Tauck folks offered an additional adventure.  By bus (how else!) we traveled to an archaeological site named Lepenski Vir.  This place is really really old -- 9500BC -- and shows the layout of a village of sorts.  Word is that this is the first indication of man transitioning from caves (hunter/gather types) to semi-permanent locations because of advancements in growing food (agriculture types.)

Incredible facility housing the transplanted dig.  Found near
this spot but moved to avoid damage by the now and then
flooding of Danube.

Much of the remaining artifacts and sites are now under water

Most sculpture was fish-face.
The people depended on fish from the  Danube.
It's believed their sculpture reflected their appreciation
of fish.

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